Handcrafting small batch spirits in Portland, Oregon since 2010.


The Bull Run watershed is the primary drinking water supply for the City of Portland. It's the same beautiful, raw water we add to each of our spirits – and it's the same soft water that helps create the great mouth feel in each of our spirits.




Medoyeff Vodka & Starka

Our vodka is so unmistakably Russian you're liable to shout "Na zdorovje" after just a sip. And introducing Medoyeff Starka, our barrel aged vodka that has unique roots from Eastern Europe.

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Temperance Trader
Straight Bourbon Whiskeys

Francis Willard said, “Temperance is moderation in the things that are good and total abstinence from the things that are foul.” We couldn’t agree more, Francis.

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Pacific Rum

Can’t afford a vacation? Fire up the grill, shake up a Daiquiri, put your phone on mute and you’re on Hawaiian time.

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Bull Run has dedicated two 800-gallon distilling vats to this Oregon-made whiskey. 

That’s right — not Scotch, not Irish, not Bourbon, but “Oregon Whiskey” distilled using local water and grains and aged in the unique Oregon climate. 

While it’s expected to be released in 2016, the whiskey will decide when it’s good n’ ready.



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