Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Bull Run Distilling Co

Way back, before even our first spirits flowed from our stills, we decided to track down barrels of whiskey and set ourselves up as Merchant Bottlers.

This was partially self-serving so we could justify visiting distilleries and do extensive barrel sampling.

Out of our travels came Bull Run Straight Bourbon Whiskey which started as a small one-off project but quickly became the anchor of our Merchant Bottling Expressions.

Opening with soft, warm, vanilla notes, expanding to a spicy mid-palate with a finish that’s all silk and honey.
Sip it straight or pour it up - the perfect fireplace companion.
Ginger, Cherry, Citrus and Clove.
Better cocktail bars and retailers in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, Oregon and Washington.


~ 3 oz. Portland Cider Peary
~ 1 oz. Bull Run Straight Bourbon
~ Garnish with Pear Slice

Courtesy of Messina Bitters


45% ALC. / VOL. (90% proof)

[Varies by batch] Small batch, high rye bourbon, 25% rye, 65% corn, 10% malted barley and the pure, raw water from the Bull Run Watershed and barrel aged for minimum of 4–6 years.

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Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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