Medoyeff Truffle Vodka

Bull Run Distilling Co

A specialty product made yearly for the famous Oregon Truffle Festival. We start with our Medoyeff Vodka and delicately infuse it with Oregon White Truffles. Seemingly simple, yet packed with an intense earthy and herbaceous flavor of White Truffles that Oregon is famous for.


43% ALC./VOL. (86 proof)

Medoyeff Vodka infused with Oregon Truffles. 


~ 1.5 oz Medoyeff Truffle Vodka
~ 1.0 oz Pear Juice
~ .5 oz Lemon Juice
~ .5 oz Thyme honey simple syrup
~ Shaken, served up and garnished with a candied pear chip and thyme.

Courtesy of The Tipsy Mule

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Medoyeff Truffle Vodka

A specialty product made yearly for the famous Oregon Truffle Festival.

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